We strive to place the dogs in our care in loving homes for the rest of their lives. Please complete this application so we can assist you in finding a compatible companion to join your family. With the information you provide, we hope to minimize the risk of a failed adoption. We do not adopt our dogs on a “first come, first served” basis, but rather try to match families to dogs that will fit in a certain home and family structure.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs are the legal property of Canine Soulmates Rescue until the requisite Adoption Contract is signed, all requirements of the Adoption Contract are met, and the adoption fee is received. Our dogs are placed in homes at our discretion. Canine Soulmates Rescue may refuse to adopt to anyone without providing a specific reason.

Adoption Fee: The adoption fee for our dogs is $250. We rely on adoption fees to help to defray our costs of spaying and neutering our dogs, testing for parasites, vaccinating, treating heartworms as needed, microchipping and chip registration, plus out-of-the-ordinary medical expenses. In some cases the adoption fee covers expenses for that dog. In many cases, the fee does not fully cover that dog’s expenses. Besides the medical attention mentioned above, our dogs are placed on heartworm preventative. Adult dogs are altered prior to adoption. Puppies are altered as age-appropriate (often post-adoption but at CSR expense).

We recognize that some of the information requested in this application may be of a sensitive nature. We use the information only to help us in ensuring the best possible homes for our animals, and the information is used exclusively for that purpose.

Personal Information


General Information About Your Home

*** Canine Soulmates will need a copy of your rental agreement as it relates to pets and also will need confirmation that any required pet deposit has been paid.

General Information About You

For each current dog or a dog you have had within the two years, please complete the following.

Veterinarian Info

A Canine Soulmates Rescue volunteer will contact your current veterinarian, if you have one. Additionally, we require that you provide copies of vaccination records for your current dogs.


I hereby give permission for Canine Soulmates Rescue to contact these personal references: